Improve the Health of Idahoans


According to a 2015 map of Idaho Primary Health Professional Shortage Area Service Areas, 66% of Idaho’s counties have primary care physician shortages.

Fewer internal medicine residency graduates are pursuing careers in primary care. In 1998, 54% of 3rd-year residents intended to pursue a primary care career, whereas only 25% reported choosing primary care in 2004. This comes despite a growing need for general internists to care for an aging population with complex multi-symptom diseases. This study concludes that residents who completed a rural clinical rotation were more likely to pursue a career in primary care compared to those who did not complete a rural clinic rotation. *

The Hindson Foundation is dedicated to improving the health of Idahoans by increasing the number of internal medicine residents who choose the primary care field. To accomplish this, the Foundation works to secure funding to support more residency rotations in rural communities in Idaho.


* Dick III, John F., Wilper, Andrew P., Smith, Scott and Wipf, Joyce (2011) The Effect of Rural Training Experiences During Residency on the Selection of Primary Care Careers: A Retrospective Cohort Study From a Single Large Internal Medicine Residency Program, Teaching and Learning in Medicine, 23:1,53-57