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The David A. Hindson, MD Education Foundation, established in 2008 to honor the esteemed Dr. David Hindson, stands as a beacon of medical education in Idaho. Dr. Hindson’s legacy resonates across the region, where he is revered as a distinguished teacher, mentor, and colleague. His unwavering commitment to patients, trainees, and the Boise VA Hospital has left an indelible mark for over three decades.

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Advancing Medical Education in Idaho

The Foundation’s paramount objective is to nurture medical education among physicians in the state of Idaho. This endeavor takes shape through an array of educational avenues, including conferences, didactic lectures, and various activities catering to all tiers of education. This encompasses medical students and residents and provides continuous medical education for practicing physicians.

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The McCall Winter Conference
Bridging Knowledge Gaps


An annual cornerstone event, The McCall Winter Conference, is a multi-day extravaganza of medical enlightenment and educational pursuits. This symposium is orchestrated in collaboration with the Idaho chapter of the American College of Physicians and the Boise Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Addressing Critical Healthcare Gaps in Idaho


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Bridging Healthcare Disparities

Idaho confronts a shortage of primary care professionals, particularly in 41 out of its 44 counties.

graduation graduationEmpowering Through Education

Increasing educational opportunities directly augments the supply of medical professionals in a region.

Catalyzing Rural Healthcare

Expanding training opportunities in rural areas is pivotal in cultivating a cadre of primary care physicians committed to practicing in rural settings.

Pioneering Initiatives
Our Vision for Idaho’s Medical Landscape

At the David A. Hindson, MD Education Foundation, we are resolutely focused on shaping the future of healthcare education in Idaho. Our goals are succinctly outlined:

  • Fortifying the Boise Internal Medicine and Psychiatry Residency and Boise Addiction Medicine
  • Fellowship
  • Amplifying Educational Horizons
  • Championing Rural Rotations
  • Sustaining Idaho’s Physician Community